17 Minutes of Summer

A summer day in Parkchester.
A summer day in Parkchester.

Summer arrived late this year and left in a big ol’hurry.
Why the rush?
How long did it stay?
Seventeen minutes?
All of us waited the entire month of June for the rains to stop.
Every weekend thereafter, I was sitting on either a plane or train or bus en route to another station or to wait in a customs line or to visit family.
Back home in the Bronx I was missing outdoor concerts and film screenings and biking to Orchard Beach and taking dips in the Castle Hill Y pool.
I’d been squeezing a normal June-to-August-summer into the 17 minute one we were dealt this year.

Though it warmed my heart, and ego, to read your emails and posts, I was sorry that some of you had to ask my whereabouts.  I hadn’t realized how much time had passed since my last update. I was certainly writing posts, very good ones in fact…in my head.

My hiatus has come to a close and I’m glad to be back.
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