I Heart Coals

Pure Bliss grilled pizza at Coals.
Pure Bliss grilled pizza at Coals.

I can have Pure Bliss at Coals. Or I can have Heaven Scent.
Or Smokey Joe or Dean Martin.
Invariably, I go with Pure Bliss.
Small pools of tomato sauce seep into dollops of basil pesto, mingling with
fontinella, ricotta and pecorino cheeses…
All resting on a bed of freshly grilled striped crust.
At first bite, I taste the smoky basil and the tartness of the pecorino and a sweet tomato and I am happy.
The Big Guy, doesn’t get all crazy, and goes for the classic Margherita, which should not be overlooked because it’s familiar. Once, though, I did go for the burger, a house specialty, and it was quite good. They serve up paninis as well.

Before moving to the Bronx, I’d never had grilled pizza, I don’t think we’d ever heard of it. But since our neighbor Matt tipped us to Coals, it has been our favorite spot. We’d been looking for a place where two adults can wind down the week without being served by someone whose next big life event is prom. At Coals we can do that. Secretly we call it, Scrubs Bar. We imagine that most of the fresh faced people around the bar are interns from Jacobi Medical Center across the street.

If we’re lucky we can get the seat in the “library” and cozy up by the “fireplace” with a glass of wine and a beer. Books on the shelves are there for anyone’s perusal. Or we sit back and meditate on the crimson Buddha on the bookcase.

We try to keep room for dessert — the Nutella pizza.
ohhh baby yummmmm…
Warmed and melty chocolate hazelnut spread on a grilled “crepe” with a light dusting of confectioner’s sugar, mmmm, this pizza should not be missed…Really, you could stop in for that alone and go home doing a little jig….
All I can say is bring your lactose pills…

Coals –> 1888 Eastchester Road (at Morris Park Avenue) –> Bronx –> 718 . 823. 7002
They recently lifted the open weekday only policy and are now open on Saturday and Sunday.

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