Wish You Were Here…Postcards From The Bronx

Boating in Pelham Bay.
Boating in Pelham Bay. (I've done this.)

Lover's Lane in Bronx Park vintage postcard.
Lover's Lane in Bronx Park. It reads: Dear Eva! Thank you very much for the postal. Best Regards from Roger Olsen (I believe it says "postal", and not "pastel", which would be more romantic.)

New York Botanical Garden vintage postcard.
New York Botanical Garden. The women at left are walking along what is now called "Ladies' Border". The NYBG describes this area as "Southern beauties thriving in the North." And that's on the garden website.

Poe Cottage and Park.
Poe Cottage and Park. Former home of Edgar Allan Poe.

Van Cortlandt House.
Van Cortlandt House, which still stands in Van Cortlandt Park.

Orchard Beach Pavillion.
Orchard Beach Pavilion.

Camping at Pelham Bay Park.
Pelham Bay Park Campsite. It reads: Am camping here for a few weeks having the time of my life. Lou

This last one is my personal favorite!

All postcards on view in the entrance hallway of The Valentine-Varian House in The Bronx.

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One thought on “Wish You Were Here…Postcards From The Bronx

  1. Wonderful postcards, thanks for posting. I have organized a lot of research and management projects at Pelham Bay for WildMetro, a non profit group working to protect nature and people. The camp ground photo is especially intriguing, can’t quite figure out where it is. Is the background the area where the Pelham Bay station now stands? The landfill? Also, the boating picture is not labeled correctly. No such steep hills are visible from anywhere in Long Island sound. Maybe it is from the Hudson?

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