Obama in Type

I love letterpress.
I love the uneven saturation of the ink on the paper.
I love the thickness of the paper.
I love the visible grain from wood type on the paper .
Then I came upon this Obama poster on Blogorrhea Junior.
The illustration of President Obama is comprised of letters and numbers and characters.
Nothing is completely random about their placement.
The artist, Kishore Nallan, embedded important dates and figures in the design relevant to the Obama presidency.
(“365” for the number of electoral votes he won, “Jan 20” the date of the inauguration and “53%” for the percentage of total votes won).
Even a bit of Obama’s New Hampshire speech make up the neck:
“Yes, we can heal this nation. Yes, we can seize our future. And where we are met with cynicism and doubt and fear, we will respond with three simple words – Yes, we can.”

The poster was created on one of the few platen presses in Chennai, India after 40 hours of laying the type by hand.

This year also marks the 100th anniversary of the Vandercook Press.
I’m sure one or two of these presses are lurking around here in the Bronx…

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