Hardcore at Hunts Point

The Bride Wore Black Drummer
Drummer from band The Bride Wore Black at the Bronx Underground party.

Jumping Crowd at Bronx Underground concertOne of the dancers in the mosh pit lost a tooth.  A guy in a red “Staff” T-shirt made an announcement in the middle of the band’s set:  “Could you guys in the mosh please look around?  We’re looking for a tooth.”  Then lead singer of Queens band, Endwell,  announced their next song, “Single and Loathing It.”   Somewhere in his rough and raw vocal stream were the words single, and, loathing, it. He swallowed the mic whole, I’m sure of it, pushing it up to his epiglottis. The mosh pit was a maelstrom of rapidly over arcing arms and feet punching the air at eye level. They weren’t purposely slamming into each other (that would come later as the “Wall of Death”) but taking turns stepping into the circle to thrash dance and then step back. They were clearly following some method for entering and exiting the pit. I was truly fascinated. I asked My Favorite 14 Year Old, now My Favorite 15 Year Old, are they called dancers?  Moshers? What?  She shrugged and said she’d never seen such dancing. It was Saturday night and we were at The Hunts Point Community Center at one of Bronx Underground‘s “all ages” dance parties. They host concerts featuring local indie / emo / hard rock / punk / metal bands.  All concerts are in the Bronx, alcohol free and open to tweens, teens and adults.  We were searched at the door with a metal detector by a very apologetic staff member.

It’s tricky trying to find stuff for our Favorite 15 Year Old to do — only so many times can we go to the zoo or the botanical garden or a movie. We’re always up from something fresh.  The party had a good vibe overall.  The music was a deafening cool. The Big Guy said this could be the next CBGB.

Between sets, some of the crowd mingled in the neighboring room to eat french fries or a burger. To pose. Or peruse the fan merch of T-shirts. Later we saw a kid holding a big plastic bag of ice to his face bobbing his head with the beat. He was standing at a safe distance of the mosh pit where someone was surely dancing on his tooth.

The Day Before performing at Bronx Underground concert.Bronx band The Day Before. Justin Melendez, lead guitarist, at left. And Oscar Fernandez, lead vocalist, on the right.
Thanx P. Ramirez for id’ing these guys! (That’s him, their manager, with the ghoulish eyes, standing next to the guy in the Thrash sweater.)

Lead vocalist of The Bride Wore Black at Bronx Underground concert.

Lead vocalist of The Bride Wore Black, another band from Queens.

Here’s how we came to know about Bronx Underground.

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5 thoughts on “Hardcore at Hunts Point

  1. Yo! We played this show. I’m so psyched that the bronx underground is getting awesome reviews like these :] I can’t wait to see what it’s gonna be like 5 years from now.

    BXUG ❤

  2. Wow thanks for the post and for checking out Bronx Underground!! It was great to meet you at culture fest last summer.

    We’ve got lots coming up including an all ages dance party on Valentine’s day (indie and powerpop bands + DJs + more) at the FLC, an all ages show at FLC on Feb 20, Hardcore and more at The Point on March 7, an all acoustic benefit show on March 28, 18+ parties on Feb 21 and March 27 at Bruckner Bar & Gallery. Whoa my head is spinning.

    Yeah Bronx! And thanks again

    1. Hey Anita!
      we had a great time at The Point and will surely come back–with ear plugs!
      I’ve had a couple of Bronx friends say they are glad to see a nod given to the indie rock scene because there are some hard core fans up here.
      Thanx for the schedule update.
      And we’ll be sure to say hi when pass through.


  3. Hey! I like the new blog entry (He’s the Big Guy, I thought he was the Captain?) o.O oh well. I wonder if that guy ever found his tooth 😀

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