On A Pelham Bay Isle

We had cabin fever last Sunday and even though it was overcast and threatening rain, we went hiking. We went to Orchard Beach to catch the trail to Twin Island in Pelham Bay Park. The Twin Island trail is only a half mile loop, but in that short span we saw more “wildlife” than we saw climbing the White Mountains.  Horseshoe Crabs?  A Praying Mantis? In the Bronx? Oh yes! Owls, osprey, hawks can be spotted too, though we did not.


4 thoughts on “On A Pelham Bay Isle

  1. I also grew up in the BX and have always had a hard time convincing others how gorgeous it can be. Great work!

    Charlie Vazquez

  2. Hello ks,
    Thanx for stopping by & for your lovely comments. I had never seen a horseshoe crab before this walk on Twin Island. And I certainly didn’t wake up thinking, “Ah today I’ll see a praying mantis in the Bronx.” And we still have a lot more to see in Pelham Bay Park.

    Bronx Bohemian

  3. BB, I love the pictures and I love this blog. They show a side of the BX most people don’t see. I’ve ridden my bike through Orchard Beach early in the morning and I’ve seen: lots and lots of rabbits, a wild turkey who gave me the evil eye and even some pretty exotic looking birds. (But growing up in NYC, any bird that is not a pigeon looks exotic to me).


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