Taste of Honduras and Central America

Busiest Food Tent at the Honduran and Central American Day Parade in the Bronx.
Food Tents in Crotona Park for the Honduran & Central American Day Parade.
Food Tents in Crotona Park for the Honduran & Central American Day Parade.
Dishing up a Garinagu plate in Crotona Park.

Last Sunday we were in Crotona Park having our first taste of food from the Garinagu/Garifuna.  We were a few among many gathered in the park for The Honduran and Central American Parade. When we arrived at about two o’clock, the parade appeared to be over, (I was not able to find out exactly what streets for the parade route) but we were just in time for the food.  We headed to the tent with the longest line and smokiest grills.

We sampled a plate of grilled steak (a bit tough, but nicely flavored), red beans and rice, crispy fried plaintain, pickled onions (red, sweet and vinegary–nice condiment) and a crunchy side salad like a slaw (also nice). And we had fresh lemonade (ahhhh).

Participant in traditional dress.
Participant in traditional dress.

The Garinagu are the offspring of the Black Carib people from the island of St. Vincent.  In 1797, the Black Carib were deported to Roatán, an island off the coast of Honduras, by the British and from there, after tiring of Spanish rule, eventually sailed to Belize, Guatemala and Nicaragua.  I came to learn that the Bronx, unofficially, has a larger Garifuna community than Guatemala, Belize, Nicaragua and the Honduras (which has the largest concentration) combined.

I asked one of the women serving us for the name of a Garinagu restaurant in the Bronx and she said “La Orquidea on 149th St and Brook Avenue opposite the Burger King”.  We intend to try it. And we’re open to other places too. Anyone have other recommendations?

Flags of Honduras decorate this car.
Flags of Honduras decorate this car.

5 thoughts on “Taste of Honduras and Central America

  1. Hello Jose,
    I had read that Garifuna Star was closed, but will definitely stop by. Thanx for the suggestion! And great link to Baron Ambrosia’s culinary adventure to Garifuna Star, it is absolutely hilarious, but also very informative.

    Bronx Bohemian

  2. Hi,

    I, too, was there on Sunday at the parade, and just couldn’t get enough of the food. But when I discovered they had something, that I’ve been feenin’ for ever since I came back from Honduras, I went loca!! Jugo de Tamarindo or Tamarind Juice….oohh sooo delicious!!

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