Bronx On a Cloud

Word cloud

It’s cloudy today in the Bronx so today’s post is a word cloud of the previous post “Who’s Dishin’ the Compost”.

The words Bronx, community, people, work, activism and neighbor are prominent. I like that.

What’s a word cloud?  It is a visual depiction of frequently used words of your choosing — could be a poem…a Dr. Seuss book would be fun to use because of the repetition of words. The size of the word in the cloud is determined by how often the word is used in the original text selection. The words that appear most frequently are the largest font size. The “Category Cloud” on the right sidebar is another example of one.

Want to make your own? Check out Wordle. Which is what I used to create the word cloud here. It’s fun and easy to do.  And frankly, addictive.


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