Capturing the Moores

Before moving to the Bronx, I rarely visited the NY Botanical Garden. It took too long to get there on the train from our corner of Manhattan, and simply put, it wasn’t in Manhattan. But now we visit often and it has become our Central Park (when we don’t feel like roller blading).
Currently, twenty massive bronze and fiberglass sculptures by Henry Moore are placed all over the garden. The work is very sensual — gleaming curves, round organic shapes.
Yet I noticed that most people when photographing the sculptures stand far away from them, missing the vitality on the surface of the pieces — the range of color from bone to olive black to amber gold.
And the surfaces are often not so smooth at all, but lined with hash marks and grooves, some like rocks, some like tree bark. I like to get very close, to touch and to stand under them (where permitted). Take a photo and enter it in the garden’s Henry Moore Photo Contest.


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