Rockin’ Out with Bronx Underground

Just before the torrential rains, we met the Bronx Underground street team at the Bronx Week Food and Arts Festival on Sunday. These kids were pumped about their music — their music homegrown right here in the Bronx. Who knew such a devoted core of Indie Rock fans existed here?
Bronx Underground is not a band, but a collective that produces concerts in neighborhood venues featuring mostly unsigned and alternative bands from the Bronx. And founder Anita Colby told us that their concerts are for all-ages, where tween and teen fans can enjoy live music in an alcohol and drug free environment.
We liked that. We liked that a lot and promised to bring our Favorite 14 yo, whose iPod is filled with Tokio Hotel downloads, to one of their shows.
They gave us a handful of flyers, including one for the 21 and over concerts.
Check it out.


3 thoughts on “Rockin’ Out with Bronx Underground

  1. Hey Sahara,
    thanx for stopping by. This blog is all about finding that which feeds a boho soul here in the Bronx. Please do give the coordinates of this 24 hour diner and veggie market you so kindly mention.

    Bronx Bohemian

  2. Hey there! I came by your blog, read your profile, and awww, boo! Don’t move back ’cause your grocery store closes at 8. Where are you? You gotta come over this way where we have the 24 hour diner and veggie market! There’s a lot of misconception about The Boogie, but for me, as an artist––it’s the place to be. I left Manhattan to return––to contentious, too much contested space.

    Holla back at the original BXGurl!

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