Ripe Blackberries on the River Bronx

The Bronx River Art Center building is not an unmarked nor a low building, yet it is often overlooked and unnoticed by passers by, even those stopping to pluck ripe blackberries from the trees in front. It’s a four story brick warehouse along side the Bronx River. Situated in between a 24-hour car wash and a Twin Donut, BRAC has quickly become my local haven. This week only, the gallery is featuring works by students in the spring art classes. Paintings, ceramics, photographs and film/video presentations are on exhibition by the youth and adult classes. BRAC offers a place for artists to work and for students of all ages to learn and create. They are respectful of the river and it is a central character in much of the center’s programming and classes. They sponsor outdoor concerts along the river, the youth photography classes make field trips to the river. And this summer the adult painting and drawing class will be “en plein air”. I knew nothing about the Bronx River before moving here, but have come to appreciate this valuable natural resource. But more on the river later. Don’t forget to grab a few blackberries in front.


2 thoughts on “Ripe Blackberries on the River Bronx

  1. What can I say? The Art Center is rad. The people are rad, the shows are original and the area is strangly interesting.

    Worth the trip from Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn or wherever.

  2. This is a nice review thank you. I’m Education Coordinator at BRAC, It’s great to see people appreciating and talking about the center.

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